Brave, a new world?

The internet is evolving in ways I cannot predict. But what I do know is that there is one commodity that isn’t replenishable. It’s a thing when you lost it, it’s lost forever (or a very long time). Privacy and private thought. I’ve already implemented Cloudflare on my blog some time ago. And since a few weeks, I am using Brave. A new browser that claims that it was built around privacy. I do know that Safari is the default browser, but the support for extensions (I’m looking at you Grammarly) is terrible. It also isn’t very battery friendly and with a daily commute of roughly 2,5 hours, battery life is life.

With my personal blog under the protection of Cloudflare, it’s a logical step to also promote Brave. With a great businessmodel, you can also help my blog. With micro-donations via Brave, you not only support my blog but also help with the privacy-minded browser Brave. Go ahead, install it. Every installation will help support my blog!

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