Bookshelf with reading material.

The books in the table here below I’ve read/reading/plan to read. New suggestions are more than welcome! These books are from my personal reading list. I just finished Peak.

Peak; It holds great value and gave a great insight into learning and how to achieve almost anything. I’ve introduced the book to a few students. There is now a waiting list for to read the book. My students love it and the concept in the book are really practical.

Hello Ruby: Adventures in CodingHello Ruby: Journey Inside the Computer
Hello Ruby is the first book from Linda Liukas. Written as a story telling book. Really accessible content for kids aged 5+.The second book from Linda Liukas. As the first one, very accessible, great to be reading from!
Search Inside YourselfPeak!

Search inside yourself. The true travel is within. Yoga without the mystery. Practical, applicable and easy to understand yet hard to master.Peak is a must read. About how to be the best (the very best) at what you do.
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck.The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon
With this book in the back of my mind it's easy to keep focused on the things that really matter.The book about Amazon. Delivering value from A to Z.