BETT 2019, vooral meer van hetzelfde ?

In Dutch, sorry folks! Also published in Vives!

Wat is BETT?

De 35e Bett show werd dit jaar voor de zevende keer gehouden in de ExCel hallen in Londen. De afkorting Bett staat voor British Educational Training and

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Brave, a new world?

The internet has changed us as a society. It has penetrated (almost) every aspect of our lives. Being online was a new outlet when I was young. I still hear my mother raising her voice when the telephone company sends its bill for the

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CIDREE meeting

On the 11th of April, ten countries joined their computational brainpower to explore each other’s vision on Computational and Mathematical thinking. What started as a little chaotic conversation, after 30-45 minutes this conference found it’s a voice. We started with a Skype call to

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Understanding Music and taste better

Reviewing project, ‘help Moorlag understand music’. This is the result of one year of collecting music. The link to the playlist can be found here.

Using a collaborative playlist on Spotify, I started the project.  One thousand songs later, I

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What is it and how does it work?

This quick review of my unit starts off with a short story “Numworks about Numworks”.  There is an online simulator of Numworks. It has all the same functions as the physical device.

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e-Estonia. Looking at others is confronting to yourself.

24 hours after returning home I suddenly felt an urge to write out my thoughts and feelings after being emerged¬†in the Estonian educational system. UPDATE: It did take a few weeks to finalize this blog, let’s blame Trump ūüėČ

In retrospect,

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Google certified innovators, Get ready for the launch

Last week I was surprised by the assignment of mentors. I was assigned a mentor for the Google Certified innovator program (see also my previous blog). 

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Colab? Spotify colaberative‚Äč

Connecting with my students is something I really enjoy. One of my newest experiments is a collaborative playlist on Spotify. An easy way for students to send me tracks on Spotify.

‘Mister Moorlag, this you really need to hear‘.–

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Get ready to innovate, start your engines

Ladies, start your engines and may the best woman win. Get ready to innovate!
With the help of my students, I discovered¬†RuPaul’s Drag race. I think it gives an alternative view on how Americans see themselves and each other (and ¬†Facebook has 70 (!) genders

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