Fog, clouds & Google

Fog, just a surface based cloud not going Google.
It’s so easy to forget where we came from. Everything always on, always available and automatically saved with no real need to backup. Is this an idyllic world? Or a dystopian future? Is Google the answer?
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Long Reads, a long reading list

Yes, I love long reads
This is just a short blog about a page I started some time ago in draft mode. The long reads that keep me up at night, things I really want to read and that started a new way of seeing

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7 lessons I learned from designing a new subject

To be worked out with working examples
These are the seven lessons I learned from designing a new school subject

Start with the end in mind
Let the learning happen
Give control
Eat sleep, learn repeat
Enjoy the boredom
Communicate the change
Be surprised
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Why I teach (still in Dutch)

Sorry, Dutch only. With Google Translate this page can be in English.
Dit is de reden dat ik lesgeef
Net even vroeger dan gewenst zit ik weer in de trein naar ‘s-Hertogenbosch (05.45 eruit; 23:45 erin).

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Off to the BETT
Things and thought about the BETT

Traveling to… (and yes, this is a growing blog)
Yes, I’m inbound to London! Together with one of the board members from i&i I’m attending BETT.

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Unsplash Beyond the Cosmos by Joshua Sortino
Developing websites with Github

Building the next  web with GitHub?
And where do I start as a teacher with GitHub?

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Getting started with Jekyll

After letting the dust settle on Jekyll (and just a lack of time to develop) I am learning Jekyll ?.
What is Jekyll?

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Let’s automate the F* out of G Suite with GAM and Bulk operations

Yes, this is a long overdue update G Suite.
Yesterday I was called by the lovely people of Google. I started transferring a Google Apps for business /G Suite installation from one URL to a different URL and I got stuck. Glenn from the support

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The hardest part of something new is starting.
This is a reflection of the first week of school. It was intense, it always is.

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a new Idea
The story of an Idea?

Think and leap, how to create an Idea.
UPDATE: This is the introduction presentation design & innovation for new students. Presentation is in Dutch.
This is one of those moments. Developing a new subject, without formal grading, all about learning. It’s a new Idea! The foundation

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