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Developing websites with Github

Building the next  web with GitHub?

And where do I start as a teacher with GitHub?
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Getting started with Jekyll

After letting the dust settle on Jekyll (and just a lack of time to develop) I am learning Jekyll ?.

What is Jekyll?

Jekyll Logo

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Let’s automate the F* out of G Suite with GAM and Bulk operations

Yes, this is a long overdue update G Suite.

Yesterday I was called by the lovely people of Google. I started transferring a Google Apps for business /G Suite installation from one URL to a different URL and I got stuck. Glenn from the support desk saw that I left an installation not finished and reached out to me. And what a great service I got. There was a small problem with the MX records in the Direct Admin panel. How I hate the Direct Admin / MX/DNS records is an entirely different blog… but it’s working.

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Eat, sleep, MAKE & repeat

Reflections on EHVMMF

The day after…

Friday – MakerED Meetup

Still, a bit impressed by the Eindhoven Maker Faire. Thanks to Arjan van de Meij I went to the Meetup on Friday; topic Maker Education. The power of making things and learning at the same time.

After a warm welcome by our host Arjan I really enjoyed the talk from René Pare. He is one of the organizers of the Maker Faire Eindhoven and he knows how to sell a story. What a fun guy!

Anouk Wipprecht made my day. What an energetic woman! Passioned and really witty. Her presentation was spot on and she showed us the way to draw outside the lines. Her 37 (!) dresses are all interactive and beautiful (sadly only size 37).

Sunday – Maker Faire

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The hardest part of something new is starting.

This is a reflection of the first week of school. It was intense, it always is.

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a new Idea
The story of an Idea?

Think and leap, how to create an Idea.

UPDATE: This is the introduction presentation design & innovation for new students. Presentation is in Dutch.

This is one of those moments. Developing a new subject, without formal grading, all about learning. It’s a new Idea! The foundation of the subject is going to be computer science, informatics, and design. Combining the two feels like a natural fit. Developing great things that also look great. There is a lot I do not know and I am keen to learn. Firstly, how do students react to the lack of numbers (grades) for their progress? Secondly, what are topics they really want to investigate? Thirdly, how do they manage the learning? At the same time my students are faced with numbers at the other subjects, so that’s going to be interesting.

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Commemorative speech: Guidance is internal

Commemorative speeches, ds. Pierson College. In Dutch.

Projection mapping – Guidance is internal.

Zo vlak voor het lanceren van een ruimteveer volgt er een fase van interne beheersing. Mission control geeft de controle uit handen en draagt deze over aan de commander. De commander is volledig verantwoordelijk voor de daadwerkelijke start. Guidance is internal heet deze term. De afgelopen 6 jaar hebben mijn collega’s en ik er alles aan gedaan om alle kritische massa aan boord te krijgen. Voor veel leerlingen is de fase van guidence internal pas na het eindexamen. Voor jullie kwam dat moment iets eerder. En daar staan we bij stil

Met veren, een paar, want jullie kunnen al vliegen!

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