Reviewing project, ‘help Moorlag understand music’. This is the result of one year of collecting music. The link to the playlist can be found here.

Using a collaborative playlist on Spotify, I started the project.  One thousand songs later, I can conclude that the plan was a success. My followers on Instagram contributed, my students participated, and the internet learned the elegance of Musical preferences via crowdsourcing.

I felt a full array of emotions while listing to the Playlist. It was fun, sad, colorful, abrupt, slow, fast, and most of all, it connected. I feel that I understand my students better because of the music they shared. The contributor is mentioned in the Playlist. The top three contributors added value, not only in absolute terms but also in a relative sense. I was shocked that my students had a very, very broad sense of musical taste -  music from the 50s to the present. I listened to it all. Even better, I use the playlist daily. It helps me connect with students, to their emotions, to their needs. And it is also great fun!

To prevent spamming on my playlist (yes, c-artists use it a lot!), the link can be found via my instagram account

Top contributes

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