Final projects

This week my students graduated from computer science. These are a few pictures of of the projects. Later I’m planning an article about how to structure a final project. With a few guidelines and best practices.


This project is a repurposed Nerfgun with a HuskeyLens to target students that are late in my classroom. The Nerf gun has received a chip upgrade and fires +/- 25-30% harder than a stock Nerf gun. With the Stepper motor at the bottom, the weapon has over 120 degrees of freedom. It can follow students. One of the challenges was that the weapon barrel would turn and stop abruptly. With some nifty timing, the barrel speeds up and slows down to prevent swaying. Face tracking is all offline and with no ‘call home functionality.’ The teacher is allowed to be late, so everyone who enters the room after the buzzer is late. One issue is recognizing students by name, so the teacher doesn’t need to take inventory of latecomers. Another problem is adding other members of staff to the authorized person list.

And with that said, we had a good talk about building autonomous weapons.

Sense Sense Sense Sense Sense Sense