Student-centered learning and subject cluster projects.

Hello World is my favorite magazine. It’s from the UK and is all about computer science and teaching/learning the subject. I was asked by my dear friend Miles Berry to prepare a 1000 word piece about student-centered learning. Quite a challenge I can assure you. I wrote about student-centered learning with ‘profielwerkstukken’ (final research projects in the last phase of education).

My students loved it, made my mother proud and I found a new skill.

Thanks to Yochem, Nathan & Jelle the project was a success, they developed an opensource hand prosthetic. With a muscle sensor and a custom PCB. In the project, pipeline is adding machine learning to the device and refining the fingers. Everything is documented very well on GitHub. The prosthetic can be built with €200 budget. My students are going to refine the design and lower the price even more. Everything is open source and can be adeptly easily. The article can be accessed here for free :-)

In the Netherlands, students have to carry out a final research project in the last two years of their secondary school education. This research must emphasize the level of the students in a clear manner. In the Netherlands, this research project is called ‘subject cluster project’ because the student can choose between a number of subject combinations. Students only have to create one subject cluster project, whether or not in collaboration with others. Got your interest? The entire article can be found here. HelloWorld 05.

Hello World with Yochem, Nathan & Jelle Hello World with Yochem, Nathan & Jelle