Traveling to… (and yes, this is a growing blog)

Yes, I’m inbound to London! Together with one of the board members from i&i I’m attending BETT.

Update: impressions and finds added to the blog.

After a couple of hours at the BETT (pronounced as one word) I am impressed. With over 850 educational technology companies and 35.000 visitors is it one of the biggest conventions in the world. It is always good to catch up with good friends like Miles Berry and the great people of the Holland Business group.

With a bag of gadgets, hardware and software licenses I have a field day writing about it. I’ll be doing something on the devices from DFRobot and Kittronic. Expect it in the upcoming weeks on my blog or over on the blog.

I like the Boson Science Kit for Micro:Bit (I received a small demo package). With the kit, you can do (or better, students) 50+ projects. The back of all the sensors are magnetic and compatible with Lego. As we know from Micro:Bit everything is tied together with blocks of code. I’m going to build a red button nuclear launch device. Beat that mister Trump ?.

All the code I build will be available on GitHub.

Meetings & Appointments at and around BETT

I’m honored to be talking with the people from PythonAnywhere (around the BETT). Looking forward to the wine & dine on Wednesday.

My students love their online Python environment. It’s my experience that the free plan is more than enough to learn and development Python.

Especially with the help of The Coder’s Apprentice. A very complete (but in-depth) course designed for people without any coding skills or experience. I’ve asked the school print shop for a few copies (pdf EN, pdf NL, answers) and handed to a few students as an experiment. What happened in a few days? I reordered a couple of prints, ‘zoete broodjes’, students loved his writing style and the challenge he provided. Invest 100 hours and you understand the basics, invest an extra 100 and you start to become an expert. Don’t use the answers when the going start to get tough (And remember.. the tough get going).

PythonAnywhere is a Python development and hosting environment that displays in your web browser and runs on our servers. They’re already set up with everything you need. It’s easy to use, fast, and powerful. There’s even a useful free plan.


I’ll keep you posted about the joy of attending one of the biggest edu tech conference in Europa.


Off to the BETT Photo by Margo Brodowicz on Unsplash[/caption]