Fog, just a surface based cloud not going Google.

It’s so easy to forget where we came from. Everything always on, always available and automatically saved with no real need to backup. Is this an idyllic world? Or a dystopian future? Is Google the answer?

Using state of the art technology is key to keep in touch with the world around us. With the adaptation of Google’s App suite and the tools connected to the suite, our students are now suited to envision a future where they are in control of their surrounding.

It’s more than just using technology, my students breathe a new way of thinking. Not single-minded but crowd-minded, not eleven different versions but one online document and saving… that’s something that is automated. And when left with a choice they form groups to boost performance.

With the usage of Google’s App suite, my colleagues enjoy the benefits of a clear and easy to use infrastructure to communicate with students and each other. We are now implementing group calendars and Google Drive file stream. One account for mail, documents and with a Single Sign-On application, all other accounts are now synced with the same account.

Going from fog to clouds.

A few things I learned from being an early adopter;

  • Never forget the 15% of colleagues that aren’t following the 85%
  • Starting is easy, completing the circle is a challenge.
  • Communicate the change.
  • Let students help with training colleagues.
  • Let students teach other students.
  • Enjoy the mistakes you make (yes we are all able to make mistakes).
    • Make every mistake only once (or twice….)
  • Use GAM and automate Google Apps for education
  • NEVER stop learning


With a lot of things already implemented I try to focus on the items on the list below.

  • Group calendars
  • Teacher/parent meetings directly in the calendar
  • ‘Take out’ for students ready to embrace the world
  • Self-taught courseware
  • Be a Google Certified Innovator (!)
  • Action script