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Ever played the Dino game when Chrome (thinks) it’s offline? With this ‘hack’ you can enter God Mode, literally. The Dino will fly in the sky. And with an insert tag we can even add wings to REX :-)

Fun little project for the introduction of Computer Science for our new students (age 12-13 yrs).


1- open chrome://dino/
2- open chrome's dev tools

3- In the console type Runner().tRex.groundYPos = 10; // to make the Dino be higher than obstacles

4- In the console Runner().setSpeed(10); // to make the Dino move faster

5- the following is to add the wings gif:

t.insertAdjacentHTML('beforebegin', `<img id="wings" src="" />

<style> #wings { width: 45px; position: absolute; top: 250px; z-index: 10; left: 23px; </style>