Think and leap, how to create an Idea.

UPDATE: This is the introduction presentation design & innovation for new students. Presentation is in Dutch.

This is one of those moments. Developing a new subject, without formal grading, all about learning. It’s a new Idea! The foundation of the subject is going to be computer science, informatics, and design. Combining the two feels like a natural fit. Developing great things that also look great. There is a lot I do not know and I am keen to learn. Firstly, how do students react to the lack of numbers (grades) for their progress? Secondly, what are topics they really want to investigate? Thirdly, how do they manage the learning? At the same time my students are faced with numbers at the other subjects, so that’s going to be interesting.

I am really looking forward to pushing the boundaries of learning and I need to step out of my comfort zone to do it. Letting the learning happen ‘by accident’. My biggest personal battle is to keep my students focused and let them formulate their goal(s). To start things off I found a ‘perfect’ video (from the Google 2017’s IO). The story of an Idea. It’s a general approach of letting an Idea blossom.

Together with my college Saskia de Kort and our 32 students, we are going to have a great time. Developing a new Idea. Letting students grow and helping them become the best version of them selfs. Based on the books on my book shelve. Looking forward to a new thing. I’m going to document the process and I do need help! This is so scary, so inspirational and is going to fuel this school year. I am looking forward to letting students gave a big say in their development. And… wow… no formal grading. A new Idea :-)


Presentation in Dutch