Eat, sleep, learn & repeat

Based on the song from Fat Boy Slim; Eat, sleep, Rave & Repeat this is a mantra that sticks. Experimenting!

Learning is what sets us apart from the Neandertal. We can cope with setbacks, a change in environment and the ability to learn from feedback.  In this short blog a few experiments to keep the mind busy, keep my employer happy, enjoy the benefits of being a Homosapien, to learn and share what is working!

Develop a sense of excitement

How to develop a sense of excitement (or urgency) is the key to achieve greatness. The video below shows it all. Learning how to do a kickflip (5:47hrs) isn’t a life skill, but it teaches so much about learning. I need to mention the article on Medium about the works of Papert (Mindstorms: what did Papert argue and what does it mean for learning and education?). Learning how to do a kickflip on a skateboard isn’t a life skill, but with the usage of the internet and learning from learning is key in developing excitement. For that purpose, I bought a skateboard and I am going to measure how long I need to develop the skill of using it as an alternative for a bike.

How to develop a culture of experimenting?

  • Start with communicating
  • Fail fast, learn fast
  • Make the skill applicable to a situation
    • Skateboarding can help with fighting off RSI
    • Counts as a workout
    • And helps alleviate stress
  • Accept that you are not the expert, try to become the expert quickly
  • Engage the skill with every fiber
    • Every ounce of bodyweight
      • Every kW of energy
  • Jump in, head first!
  • Push, boundaries are mostly only mentally

I´ve inspiration in the Urge of excitement from a Globetrotter.

Come on, why acclimate? We are globetrotters.

And the book the lean startup. It’s a great book when starting to think in ‘business terms’. Business can be broadly interpreted. It’s way of thinking, developing and testing, product-centered, consumer-owned.

Eat, sleep, learn & repeat

Current Experiments

This is a short list of current experiments.

  • Google Photos
  • Shared resources Google Calendar
  • Design thinking with our first-year students
  • Learning a way to implement the new CS curriculum.